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Attached ducuments should be of png/jpg or pdf format and Maximum allowed file size is 500 KBs


Documents to be attached with the request of Humanitarian situation:

1. Sponsor's passport copy of UAE national/ Residence visa copy for the resident and investor and partner
2. Copy of the sponsored passport and entry permit if available.
3. Letter of humanitarian request to clarify the situation and the relationship
4. Income certificate that should not be less than 15000 AED/ the Resident's personal statement for the last 6 months and the company's statement for the same period for both of investor and partner.
5. Maintenance request from court /custody for kids
6. Approving Appropriate and reliable homestay as requested
7. In case of Humanitarian request for the mother, marital status must be defined wither divorced or widow and it should be proved through attaching the divorce/death certificate.
8. Pledged to secure health insurance to the sponsored and obligate education to humanitarian cases that requires it. Kindly be noted that in case of approval, a bank guarantee should be met to everyone with a capacity of 5000 AED.