Replacement of lost or damaged entry permit for treatment.


 It is one of  Entry Permits services  performed by Department of  Entry Permits and external  offices by which a lost or damaged entry permit for treatment is replaced. 

Service Type:

Procedural Service/Inactive.


  • Verification of transaction documents  and taking a token.
  • Waiting for token number.
  • Submitting the transaction to entry permit counter to be verified and entered into system.  
  • Receiving  the  transaction urgently or by Empost.

Required Documents:

  • Submitting application to replace a lost or damaged entry permit for treatment
  • Letter from Police station in case of lost entry permit.
  • Letter from  Violators follow up section  in case of damaged  entry permit.


  • Private Sector
  • Governmental Sector


 * Fawri (


  • Application fees: AED 50
  • Issuance fees: AED 0.00
  • Typing: AED 15
  • Fawri: AED 50 
  • Urgent: AED 100 

Working Hours:

7:30 am - 8:00 pm

Service Duration :

10 Minits

Contact Numbers: