Issuance of long visit entry permit for entertainment (90 days) under sponsorship of (UAE citizen - resident - investor) for several travels.


It is one of  Entry Permits services  performed by Department of  Entry Permits and external  offices by which visit entry permit is issued and it shall be valid for two months from the date of issuance before entry and three months after entry (un-extendable).   

Service Type:

Procedural Service


  • Verification of   transaction documents  in reception desk and taking a token.
  • Waiting for the  token number.
  • Delivering the transaction to entry permits counter to be verified and entered into system.
  • Receiving the transaction immediately or by Empost.

Required Documents:

  • Submitting entry permit application including color  photo and signed by sponsor.
  • Copy of sponsored person's  passport which shall be  valid for not less than 6 months.
  • Salary certificate / labor contract (salary shall not be less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation for residents.
  • Copy of the trade license (for investor).
  • Proof of kinship.
  • Birth certificates of  children duly certified.
  • Tenancy contract and electricity bill.
  • Payment of bank guarantee  (AED 1000) + medical  insurance.


  • UAE Citizen
  • Resident


Attendance in person to:

  • Fujairah General Directorate of  Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Dibba Passport Office
  • Massafi  Passport Office
  • smart phone service (Ministry of Interior application)


Application fees: AED 100
Issuance fees: AED 450  for several travels
Typing: AED 15      Fawri: AED 50
Urgent: AED 100

Working Hours:

 From: 07:30 am  to 08:00 pm

Service Duration :

 10 minutes

Contact Numbers: