Entry Permit – country outstayed (more than 6 months) - (provided that residency is valid) (Air):


 Entry of those who stay abroad more than (6) months as following (foreigner wives of national citizens – accompanied domestic labor of national citizens who went for study abroad – domestic labor of patients or who traveled abroad for treatment – foreigner patients and their companions or those who traveled abroad for treatment and have valid residency provided submission certified medical report from Ministry of Health and Health Services of Armed Forces or Police – domestic labor of diplomatic and consulate mission who represent their country abroad, and its employees who hold valid residency – royal family domestic labor – students who study in abroad institution or university if their residency is valid – investors according to adopted classification – sponsored and accompanied individuals by diplomatic and consulate members.     

Service Type:




  •          Go to (arrival) counter.
  •          Submit required documents
                             Insert transaction to the unified system

Required Documents:

  •          Original passport
  •          Valid residency
                             Get entry permit for those who uncovered by article (62) (services definition) 



Individuals "migrant / Arrival".




Working Hours:

 24 h

Service Duration :

10 m 

Contact Numbers: