Notice of dependency


Naturalization of the foreign wife of the citizen after the completion of the legal period from the date of marriage. 

Service Type:



  •          Receiving the application electronically via an instant system.
  •          Auditing the required documents.
  •          Sending the application to the competent authorities.
  •          Waiting for the approval of the competent authorities.

Required Documents:

  •          2 personal photos of the wife.
  •          Wife valid passport affixed with valid residency + copy of it. The residency should be in the name of the husband.
  •          A copy of the identity card issued by her country (valid for more than six months) in the absence of an identification card from the embassy, proving that she did not receive it.
  •          Copy of the nationality of the wife's country (family book).
  •          A copy of the passport of the parents of the wife and a copy of the nationality of the family, if they are dead, bring a copy of the death certificate, (Brought from the embassy by the full name, such as the first name - the father's name - grandfather's name – the nickname - the name of the mother and the mother's father).
  •          A copy of the children birth certificates and a copy of their passports, in case there is no children a case report from the governmental hospital should be brought.
  •          Certificate of work of the husband with security approval if he works in the armed forces.
  •          A copy of the passports of the father, mother and brothers and the uncles of the wife.
  •          A certified copy of the marriage contract with a fresh certificate of continuity of marriage and stability in the state from the court.
  •          A copy of the home ownership or lease contract.
  •          Copy of the last qualification for the wife.
  •          Copy of the wife B.C.
  •          Wife certificate of good conduct.
  •          Wife work certificate.
  •          Copy of the complete abstract of record.
  •          Copy of the husband’s passport. 
  •          Copy of the spouses ID card.
  •          Translation of the papers into Arabic language.
                            Bank statement of the last 3 years of the breadwinner or the applicant if he works


UAE Citizen


  • Fujairah General Directorate of  Residency and Foreigners Affairs


Fees: 1000 AED


Working Hours:

Sun. – Thur.

7:30 am – 8:00 pm

Service Duration :

3 h.   

Contact Numbers: