Replacement of damaged/lost passport


Issuing a passport instead of the damaged / lost on

Service Type:

Procedural Service


  •         Circulation on passport (lost).
  •          Investigation with the applicant on loss of passport.
  •          After three months the applicant takes number from the reception desk and wait for his turn.
  •          Submitting the clerk all required documents.
  •          The clerk feeds data.
  •          Signing the application .
  •          Paying the due fees.
  •          Printing the passport.
  •          Sign and activating receiving the passport .

Required Documents:

  •          The damaged passport.
  •          Police circulation certificate (Lost).
  •          Record abstract + copy.
  •          Personal photo (4*6) white or blue background.
  • (Instant and drawn images are not acceptable).
  •          The presence of the person concerned or the guardian
                            ID card


UAE Citizen


  • Fujairah General Directorate of  Residency and Foreigners Affairs


Federal  fees: AED 300 (E-Dirham)

Working Hours:


Sun. – Thur.

:30 am – 8:00 pm

Service Duration :

One Minute

Contact Numbers: