Issue a record based on marriage statement (Male expatriate – female citizen)


Opening a new statistical statement for a female citizen married to an expatriate.  


Service Type:



  •          takes number from the reception desk and wait for your turn.
  •          Submitting the clerk all required documents.
  •          The clerk feeds data.
  •          Printing the application.
  •          Signature of both spouse on the application.
  •          Wife’s finger print . 
  •          Paying the due fees.
  •          Receiving the new abstract of record.

Required Documents:

  •          Abstract record of the wife’s father. 
  •          Marriage contract and if the marriage done outside country the approval of the MFA and legal translation if contract is written by foreign language, are required..
  •          Continuity of marriage if the contract is over one year.
  •          4 colored photos for the wife.
  •          Work certificate for both spouse.
  •          Wife last qualification obtained.
  •          B.C of the wife.
  •          Letter of no-objection to marry male expatriate for those work in the Armed Forces.
  •          Certificate of good conduct.
  •          Husband valid passport and residency.  
  •          ID card for spouses.


From government to individuals citizens




Fees 75 AED



Working Hours:

Sun. – Thur.

7:30 am – 8:00 pm

Service Duration :

One hour.   

Contact Numbers: