Issue a record based on marriage statement (Male citizen – female expatriate)


Opening a new statistical statement for a male citizen married to an expatriate to

obtain a separate enrollment.

Service Type:



  •          takes number from the reception desk and wait for his turn.
  •          Submitting the clerk all required documents.
  •          The clerk feeds data.
  •          Printing the application.
  •          Signature of both spouse on the application.
  •          Wife’s finger print . 
  •          Paying the due fees.
  •          Receiving the new abstract of record.

Required Documents:

  •          Abstract record of the husband’s father. 
  •          Marriage contract.
  •          Continuity of marriage if the contract is over one year or the husband is outside country, the approval of the MFA and legal translation if contract is written by foreign language.
  •          4 colored photos for husband.
  •          4 colored photos for husband.
  •          Work certificate for both spouse.
  •          Wife and husband last qualification obtained or study continuity for whoever under study.
  •          B.C for both spouse.
  •          Both spouse valid passports with residency
  •          Letter of no-objection to marry female expatriate for those work in 
  •         the Armed Forces.
  •         The presence of both spouse in person.
  •         If the husband does not work in any government or private agency, bring a non-working certificate from the court.
  •         Passport or ID card of the parents of the wife in case of the absence of a birth certificate.
  •        The identity card of the spouses in the absence of a birth certificate.
                           ID card for spouses.


From government to individuals citizens





Fees 75 AED


Working Hours:

Sun. – Thur.

7:30 am – 8:00 pm

Service Duration :

20 m 

Contact Numbers: