Excellence Awards

SERVICE QUALITY MANUAL Service Quality Manual generally aims to build the skills of customer service employees and train them to provide 7 stars excellent government services in alignment with the UAE vision to be among the best countries in the world by the year 2021. It is also set to educate and help customer service employees implement service delivery and service quality improvement imperatives; enhance customer experience and satisfaction through better and more efficient customer service and well as standardized service levels along with developing a unique culture where service excellence, customer centricity, and cost efficiency are the norms. The manual provides customer service employees at the federal entities with the following: A common Customer Service framework to understand the key service drivers impacting customer experience and satisfaction. A common set of service standards benchmarked against other international government standards in the service delivery field, aiming to improve the quality of government services delivered by the UAE government. It is to mention that around 5000 customer service employees of different federal entities were trained on the manual and the unified standards of excellent service.